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         Tedbone International Freight Forwarding Co.,Ltd can provide you with complete logistics solutions throughout the entire supply chain, will you face the logistics problems into your competitive advantages.


         Company specializing in international transport business, formed the sea transport, air transport, road transport, warehousing, customs brokerage, international express service on the basis of the business such as. Trade logistics, multimodal transport, dangerous goods transport, refrigerated transport, customs consulting, logistics, financial, personal items such as new business models for special services


         Provides the high value in the supply chain on the lifting scheme, fully integrated and optimized, provide the most cost-effective solution to ensure the health, safety, environment and so reached the international standard. Global service network to ensure transportation safety and limitation; Both efficiency and cost of multimodal transport, customized cross-border transportation scheme allows you to look easy;Professional customs declaration, is your import and export declaration confidence guarantee; Advanced information technology platform, let you always hold the goods and market dynamics; Experienced operating team, with all my heart to take care of your every vote goods.